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Aiming to reclaim the title of Asia's number one global financial center, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG)is working with the national government,private sector and others to revitalize Tokyo's financial industry.

In order to transfer cutting-edge technology and know-how from overseas to Japanese companies,TMG has taken initiatives to attract foreign companies.
In addition to this,TMG will launch a new initiative called the "Accelerator Program-FinTech Business Camp Tokyo("the program")
TMG aims to generate ground-breaking innovation to improve convenience for Tokyo's residents,and re-energize Tokyo's economy by intensively running this substantial three-month progaram.

Please refer to the following link for the details.

 16.6.2017  (Nara Prefecture) “Taste Nara Narajikan”

Nara City launched new website “Taste Nara Narajikan”(http://narajikan.jp/) where you can find specially curated information on tourism, dining and local produce in Nara which is not available in guidebooks. The website is available in 5 languages -English, Chinese, French, Korean, and Japanese.
You can also watch a movie introducing the cuisine and seasons of Nara through which you can feel the attraction of Nara.

 29.5.2017  (Tottori Prefecture) Comic Art Contest

Tottori Prefecture is calling for submissions to its annual "Comic Art Contest".
This year's theme is "Trip".
Please refer to the following link for the details.


CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume69
 23.11.2016  The 8th Mt.Fuji International Opera Competition of Shizuoka
Please find an announcement from Shizuoka Prefecture as follows.

The Mt.Fuji International Opera Competition of Shizuoka is an international competition in which young singers around the world compete in singing opera arias. It was established in 1996, the 50th year after the death of MIURA Tamaki, a famous opera singer whose parents were born in Shizuoka. The 8th competition will take place at ACT City Hamamatsu in November 2017, and its organizer is now recruiting participants from all over the world.


Call for designers: collaboration program between Singapore designer and Yamagata companies.
Please find an announcement from Yamagata Prefecture as follows.

Yamagata Prefecture is located in the north-east part of Japan and is proud of a wide variety of industries from traditional craftwork such as metal casting to cutting-edge technology such as Organic LED.

Yamagata Prefectural Government and Yamagata International Economic Development Support Organization (Y-ES) launch a new program named “New Product for Singapore – Gift which fuses Singapore and Yamagata.” The program provides a Singapore designer with an opportunity to collaborate with some companies in Yamagata, aiming to develop a new product which people want to give as a “present.”

Yamagata Prefectural Government and Y-ES will invite a Singapore designer to Yamagata companies to find the best partnership for the collaboration. The open call for designers in Singapore is conducted until 21 November.

Please visit the following website for the information of the participating Yamagata companies, application guideline and forms, and more details.


CALIR SIngapore provides support to Japanese local governments in their various promotion activities overseas
Please find an announcement from Hiroshima Prefecture as follows.

Now, highlights of the Peace Arch Hiroshima Project are on our official website
You can watch the Classical Music Concert, the local Artist Concert and the Requiem Concert as well as small concerts at a hospital and other places.
All artists who joined our concerts sent messages of peace to the world through their music.
Please visit our website!

 28.9.2016  CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume68
 30.03.2016  CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume67
Japan-Vietnam Regional Exchange Promotion Program 2015
・Specialist Dispatch Project in Sisaket Municipality , Thailand
EROPA’s 61st Executive Council Meeting and Conference in China
‣Fukushima For brighter Future
 24.12.2015  CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume66
CLAIR Singapore Representatives Speak at UCLG ASPAC Conference in Wakatobi, Indonesia
Japan Local Administration Seminar in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
CLAIR’s Overseas Economic Seminar in Tokyo: Strategies of Japanese Local Governments when Entering Markets in Southeast Asia
 24.07.2015 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume65
Featuring articles thatPhilippines-Japan Local Administration Seminar 2015.
 25.03.2015 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume64
The special feature of this issue focuses on the ‘Japan-Malaysia Regional Exchange Promotion Program 2015’, which was implemented to enable Japanese local governments to explore new channels of cooperation with governmental organizations and private enterprises in Malaysia.
12.01.2015 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume63
This issue highlights the efforts by Japanese local governments in learning from the best practices of ASEAN countries, as well as their endeavours in promoting local specialty products and travel destinations to the region. CLAIR Singapore’s enhancements of cooperative ties with its counterparts in the ASEAN region are also featured in this issue.
02.12.2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV2A7WMFmlc
Kanagawa's new promotional video has just been released! Watch the video, visit the featured locations, and you will become an expert in Kanagawa!
07.08.2014 CLAIR Singapore Newsletter Volume62
Featuring articles that showcase CLAIR Singapore’s efforts in bridging ties with its local counterparts, as well as the organization’s endeavours in promoting Japan travel, including “Philippines-Japan Local Administration Seminar 2014, “CLAIR Singapore’s Participation in Travel Fairs in ASEAN and India”, as well as “Japan Spring Festival in Singapore: A display of Japanese Food, Culture and Attractions”
CLAIR Singapore publishes newsletters for counterparts in ASEAN countries as well as India. please email CLAIR singapore info@clair.org.sg
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