Regional Exchange Promotion Program

In collaboration with Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities (JIAM) and the Conference of Recognized Local International Exchange Associations in Japan, CLAIR Singapore organizes the 'Regional Exchange Promotion Program' annually in either the ASEAN region or India. Under the program, a mission comprising of Japanese local government officials will be organized to visit a country in the ASEAN region or India, whereby the delegates will be given the opportunities to gain insights to the latest developments in the host country, and at the same time establish important local network of contacts that may open doors to prospective collaborations in the future.

2015 Japan – Vietnam Regional Exchange Promotion Program

For fiscal year 2015 the program was held in Vietnam, whose rising presences are keenly felt globally especially in the economic arena, against a backgroundof rapid economic growth achieved by both countries in recent years. This year's program included study visits and dialogue sessions with various counterparts in Vietnam, for example governmental organizations, chambers of commerce, enterprises, local authorities, cultural institutions and other related bodies. Through these visits, the program aims to foster understanding of the current situation and challenges for economic and international exchange between Japan and Vietnam, while concurrently establish contact networks that will be beneficial to the cooperation between these countries in the future.

1. Schedule: A total of 11 days in November 2015
(a) Domestic Training (Japan)
(b) Overseas Training (Vietnam)
2. Host countries: Ha Noi-Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
3. No. of Participants: 20 people (Japanese local government officials, staff of regional international association, staff of NPOs referred by local government, Japanese local government representatives residing in Asia etc.)

List of Regional Exchange Promotion Program implemented since fiscal year 2007

Fiscal Year Host Country (City) Theme
2014 Malaysia
(Kuala Lumpur・Johor Bahru)
"2014 Japan – Malaysia Regional Exchange Promotion Program"
2013  Thailand
"2013 Japan – Thailand Regional Exchange Promotion Program"
2012   Singapore, Indonesia  "2012 Japan – Singapore – Indonesia Regional Exchange Promotion Program"
2011 India
(Mumbai, Pune, Chennai)
"2011 Japan-India Regional Exchange Promotion Program"
2010 India
(Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore)
"2010 Japan-India Regional Exchange Promotion Program"
2009 Vietnam, Cambodia "Economic and Investment Study Mission in Vietnam and Cambodia"
2008 India * Canceled due to the terrorist attack in Mumbai
2007 Vietnam "Japan-Vietnam Regional Alliances Promotion Program ~ Exploring the Potential of Regional Exchange between Japan and Vietnam"


Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar

The Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar is hosted by CLAIR in Japan. The seminar brings together local government officials from within and outside of Japan in order to promote a better understanding of the state of local governments in Japan and other countries, as well as to develop interpersonal networks. Besides exchanging information and engaging in discussions of issues concerning local governance, overseas participants also attend lectures in Tokyo which focus on the Japanese local government system and then travel to the local regions where they would have the opportunity to observe the local government in action, go on site visits and at the same time, learn more about Japanese culture.

For more details on the Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar, please visit:


The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET)

The JET Program is a project that helps to send overseas youths to Japan as foreign language teachers, coordinators and advisors. It is implemented by Japan's local governments and authorities and also receives support from Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), as well as CLAIR.

Apart from the purpose of improving the level of foreign language education in Japan, the program also aims to heighten mutual understanding between Japan and foreign countries, as well as promote internationalization efforts of the country through further international exchanges at the local-level. There are 3 types of positions offered through the JET Program, namely, Coordinators for International Relations (CIR) who work for Japanese local governments to promote their international exchange activities; Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) who provide assistance to local teachers during foreign language classes in elementary, junior and senior high schools; and Sports Exchange Advisors (SEA) who promote international exchanges particularly through the field of sports.

Over the years, youths from the ASEAN region and India have been participating actively in the JET Program; and in FY2011, a total of 56 youths from these countries were selected for the program. Upon the return to their home countries, many JET participants also continue to contribute towards the program and engage themselves in Japan-related activities through the JET Alumni Association (JETAA).

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Support for Sister City Affiliations and Exchange

CLAIR Singapore provides support for the establishment of sister city affiliations and friendly relations between local governments in Japan and the ASEAN region as well as India. Specifically, the support is rendered in the following forms:

  1. Collect and publish information pertaining to the establishment of sister city affiliations / friendly relations between local governments in Japan and the ASEAN region as well as India;
  2. Survey and evaluate existing affiliations / relations, and identify outstanding cases that may serve as references to future exchanges;
  3. Provide advice and consultation on establishing sister city affiliation / friendly relation, and at the same time provide assistance in locating suitable partner cities in the event where such request arises.

Please kindly contact CLAIR Singapore should your organization wish to establish sister city affiliation / friendly relation with a Japanese local government.

List of Sister City Affiliations with Japan (by country)

The following is a list of sister city affiliations conducted between local governments in Japan and the ASEAN region as well as India (as of 29th Feb 2015):

Prefecture Local Government Affiliated Counterpart
Yamagata Papua
Chiba Medan, North Sumatra
Tokyo Jakarta
Kyoto Yogyakarta
Osaka East Java
Shimane Mas Village, Bali
Kochi Surabaya, East Java
Prefecture Local Government Affiliated Counterpart
Saitama Yasothon, Yasothon
Chiba Bangkok
Toyama Chiangmai, Chiangmai
Fukuoka Bangkok
Prefecture Local Government Affiliated Counterpart
Kanagawa Mumbai, Maharashtra
Okayama Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra
Okayama Pune, Maharashtra
Hiroshima Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Fukuoka Delhi
Prefecture Local Government Affiliated Counterpart
Osaka Ho Chi Minh City
Fukuoka Hanoi City
Prefecture Local Government Affiliated Counterpart
Hokkaido Baguio, Benguet
Aomori Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
Iwate La Trinidad, Benguet
Yamagata Kawit
Yamagata General Trias
Ibaraki La Trinidad, Benguet
Gunma Muntinlupa
Saitama Baguio, Benguet
Chiba Quezon
Chiba Legazpi, Albay
Kanagawa Manila, Luzon
 Nagano  La Trinidad, Benguet
Shizuoka Dagupan, Pangasinan
Kyoto Manila, Luzon
Osaka Manila, Luzon
Hiroshima Tacloban, Leyte
Kagawa Passig
Kochi Benguet Province
Kagoshima Silay, Negros
Prefecture Local Government Affiliated Counterpart
Fukuoka Ipoh, Perak
Prefecture Local Government Affiliated Counterpart
Aichi Siem Reap Province

You can also obtain information on the sister city affiliations / friendly relations established between local governments in Japan and the world from the following link: