CLAIR Singapore welcomes new staff

With effect from April 2014, 5 new staff from the various local governments in Japan officially started their tenure with CLAIR Singapore.

1.Mr. KANEKO Tadamasa (assigned by Yamagushi City)
2.Mr. YONAMINE Kazufumi (assigned by Okinawa Prefecture)
3.Mr. OTA Harunobu (assigned by Hamamatsu City)
4.Mr. MIHARA Kotaro (assigned by Kagoshima Prefecture)
5.Mr. FUKUDA Shuichi (assigned by Nagano Prefecture)

For the next 2 years, the 5 new staff will be fulfilling their commitments for both CLAIR Singapore and also their respective local governments in Japan.

(From left) : Mr.OTA, Mr. YONAMINE, Mr. FUKUDA, Mr. KANEKO, Mr. MIHARA